#5 Praying in the Moment


Prayer doesn't need to be about hours, or even minutes.  It's about the moments throughout the day that we spend with God.  


As you watch the episode, consider:

1. How did the early Christians follow the Jewish practices of setting times aside for prayer?  Is this still practiced today?

2. Even if we don't have time to go to every church service every day, how are we able to give thanks to God for the day?

3. Is prayer only about what you say to God?  Does God need to be reminded about our prayers?

4. As we go throughout our day, running around and working on various things, what prayer should we recite over and over again?  When and how should we recite it?

5. According to Metropolitan Kallistos Ware, where is the best way to begin your daily prayer routine if you do not already have one?

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And here are some articles you may find to be helpful:

1. Bible Gateway, 1Thessalonians 5:16-18

2. Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, "The Jesus Prayer"

3. Saint Vladimir's Orthodox School of Theology, "The Jesus Prayer"

4. Orthodox Christian Network, "Metropolitan Kallistos Ware on Prayer"


Hey everybody this is Steve, and I'm standing here because of my skeleton.  Without a skeleton, I wouldn't have any shape. And without a skeleton my muscles wouldn't be able to do their job. So, what's the skeleton of our day? Early Christians followed Jewish practice, and set aside certain times of the day for prayer.  Monasteries continue this practice today, and they pray what's called the "Hours" everyday. 

Setting time aside for prayer every day can be really difficult with all that's going on in our lives.  But maybe prayer isn't a matter of minutes.  Maybe it's a matter of moments.  Think of how much dead time we have everyday: time spent waiting in line, time spent sitting on the bus.  What if we took all of those moments and dedicated even a few of them to God?  Try it! The next time you're walking out the door in the morning, thank God for the blessing of a new day.  The next time you're standing in line, thank God for all the wonderful things that you have in your life.

We may not have time to do a full service every day, but we do have time to say thank you to God hundreds of times a day. Because prayer doesn't need to be about hours or even minutes.  It can be about moments, and we all have plenty of moments to spare. And what better moment to start than now. So let’s be the bee, and fill the moments of our day with prayer. Be the bee and live Orthodoxy. Remember to like and subscribe. I’ll see you all next week.

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