#10 Thankful for the Resurrection


When blessings are temporary, sadness follows thankfulness. But does God want our blessings to be so short-lived?


As you watch the episode, consider:

1. Many times we feel that all the odds are turned against us, and all we may feel is sorrow.  What is important for us to always remember when we are full of sorrow?

2. What does Elder (now Saint) Porphyrios say about our understanding of Easter and the Resurrection?  What does he say about Joy?  What does this mean for our lives?

3. Similarly, what does Elder Paisios say about the Joy of the Resurrection?

4. How does the example of the Theotokos serve as a beautiful model for our lives?

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And here are some articles you may find to be helpful:

1. Mystagogy, "Saint Porphyrios and the Joy of the Resurrection"

2. Mystagogy, "We Ought to Rejoice in the Resurrection Joy of the Theotokos"

3. Mystagogy, "Elder Paisios on the Joy of the Resurrection"

4. Mystagogy, "Icons of the Mother of God 'Joy of All Who Sorrow'"


Hey everybody this is Steve, and I had a gold fish once, for about a week. I was so thankful when we brought our new pet home, and so sad when we had to bury him at sea. I know we should be thankful for our blessings but it can be hard when they seem to disappear so soon.  When joy so quickly turns to sorrow, every blessing seems temporary; all good things eventually come to an end. At least they used to until Christ. God didn't make the world for it to fade away.

He made the whole universe out of love so all of creation could be lifted up into eternity with Him. And even though we brought sin and death into the world, Christ defeated them. He brought life where there was death. Joy where there was sorrow. Light where there was darkness. He turned his end on the cross into a new beginning for all of us. When he burst forth out at the tomb Christ pulled all of us up with him, all of us, and all of creation, in to new life. This Thanksgiving, don't just be thankful for the meal that you're going to receive. Not even simply for your family and friends. Be thankful that God has called all of us to enjoy a heavenly banquet in his kingdom with joy in life without end.

So let's Be the Bee, and be thankful that God has taken every blessing and turned it into an eternal blessing. Be the Bee, and Live Orthodoxy! Remember to Like and Subscribe! I'll see you all next week!

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