#12 Sharing the Church


When a new presbyter is ordained, he's told to "guard the Church." Does he do that by building walls around it? Or by sharing it with the world?


As you watch the episode, consider:

1. Our Church has a beautiful tradition of ordaining men to the diaconate, priesthood, and episcopacy.  How far back can we trace this tradition?

2. By guarding the Church, do we not allow non-Orthodox to enter in?  How do we actually guard it?

3. When we share the Church, and invite others to "come and see (John 1:46)", what is the most important thing to do?  Do we bombard them with theology?

4. What are ways we can share the Church?  What are ways we can serve the Church?

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And here are some articles you may find to be helpful:

1. Bible Gateway, Acts 6:1-7

2. Bible Gateway, Matthew 5:14-16

3. Bible Gateway, John 1:46

4. Bible Gateway, Romans 15:7

5. Orthodox Youth Ministry Blogspot, "What Does it Mean to 'Go' to Church?"

6. Mystagogy, "The Priesthood, Confession, and the Remission of Sins"


Hey everybody, this is Steve, and this past Sunday I was in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania to see the ordination of my really good friend and koumbaro, Alexi Petrides. He served as deacon for about the past year and this past Sunday, by the grace of God, and the laying on of hands, Metropolitan Savas of Pittsburgh made Fr. Alexandros Petrides, a presbyter of the Church. You can read about the first ordinations in church history in the Acts of the Apostles. And if you'd like to see Fr. Alexandros' ordination just click here, the parish put the entire service on YouTube. The service is full of some incredible moments, and in his sermon Metropolitan Savas highlighted one that I'd like to share with you.

After the Deacon has become a presbyter, and the bread and wine have become the body and blood of Christ in the consecration, the bishop does something really powerful. He takes some holy communion and places it into the new presbyter's hands saying, "Receive this divine trust and guard it." So how does a priest guard Holy Communion? How does a priest guard the Church? Does he put up walls around it? Does he hide it? He shares it with people, he offers it to people so that they can grow and develop and connect with God. And that's not just a job for clergy.

Christ told us that we are the light of the world. And the light can't help anybody if it's under basket; no one can see it. The Church can't help people if we hide it from them we can invite our family and our friends to church or to serve our community but most of all whatever we do we can do it with love, so that every thought, and word, and action of ours glorifies God and shares him with the world. By being baptized the Lord has entrusted us with a beautiful, a precious and a priceless gift, and it's up to us to share that gift, that light, with the world. So let's Be the Bee, and guard the church by sharing it, by letting God's light shine throughout the world. Be the Bee, and Live Orthodoxy! Remember to Like and Subscribe I'll see you all the next week!

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