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#8 Defeating Darkness


Do we overcome the darkness by fighting against it?  Or is there an easier way?


As you watch the episode, consider:

1. When we struggle with sin in our lives, are supposed to do whatever we can to get rid of it?  By doing so, will be become sinless?

2. What does Elder (now Saint) Porphyrios say about the path we should choose?  What does he say is the "easy path"?  Why is that the easy path?

3. In Wounded by Love, Saint Porphyrios uses a flower as a beautiful metaphor to describe light and darkness.  How can we apply that to our lives and our struggles?

4. By focussing on destroying and getting rid of our own sins, are we really trusting that God can heal our wounds, forgive ANY sin, and transform lives?

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And here are some articles you may find to be helpful:

1. Orthodox Youth Ministry Blogspot, "The Easy Way"

2. Mystogogy, "Correcting, Not Condemning Evil"

3. OrthodoxWiki, Biography of Saint Porphyrios of Kafsokalyvia


Hey everybody, this is Steve, and winter is coming. As fall becomes winter, the days get shorter, and that has an effect on us. That can affect our mood and it can scare us. Because we all know the dark is where scary creatures live. And just like light represents good, dark represents bad, sin, the pain and the evil inside our hearts. So, how do we get rid of it? Well, we can't just get rid of darkness. It's not like we can just grab a shovel and start scooping it out of the room. No matter how hard we toil, no matter how much we sweat, that's not going to do anything. And the truth is, our spiritual lives work the same way.

Elder Porphyrios, a monk from Mount Athos used to talk about taking the easy way in our spiritual lives. And what's the easy way? Christ. As the elder said "Do not fight to expel the darkness from the chamber of your soul open a tiny aperture for light to enter and the darkness will disappear." Life isn't about defeating sin or overcoming evil; that can't be at the center of our lives.

Focusing on negative things will make us negative people. Life is about loving God, loving neighbor! It's about life and joy! It's about light! And that light is so powerful that it can overcome any darkness. So let's Be the Bee, and not worry about the dark. Let's just open up our hearts to the light of God. Be the Bee, and Live Orthodoxy. Remember to Like and Subscribe! I'll see you all next week.

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