#1 Be the Bee-Introuduction


Be the bee. Focus on the beauty that God has put in everyone and everything. 


As you watch the episode, consider:

1. What is the significance of being a bee?  Why is the bee a beautiful metaphor to model our lives after?   

2. What are some ways in our life that we can "Be the Bee"?  

3. Saint Basil refers to musicians and athletes who train as best as they can for their end goal.  How does he say one can "practice" for their Heavenly Crown with literature other than Holy Scriptures?  How can we apply this what what we read and watch today?  

4. Saint John the Chrysostom describes a be as animals who constantly labor for others and not themselves, while they are always listening to the Queen Bee.  Why is this such an important analogy for us as Christians to model our lives after? 

Check out these model lesson plans / retreat sessions for JOY and GOYA! 


And here are some articles you may find to be helpful: 

1. Tertullian, "Saint Basil's Address to Young Men on Greek Literature" 


Hey everybody, this is Steve, and welcome to the first episode of "Be the Bee.”  So, why "be the bee?”  Do I have an interest in amateur honey production, for instance?  No.... well that's kind of interesting.  Note to self: research urban beekeeping.  No, "be the bee" is actually a great metaphor to use for the everyday choices we make, everyday.  Let's think of a fly, for instance.  A fly is a disgusting little creature that buzzes around, looking for garbage, and disgusting things.  It goes around looking for what's terrible and gross and dirty. 

A bee, on the other hand, is totally different.  A bee goes around looking for beautiful things.  Think about it: it goes from flower to flower, looking for the good thing in each and every one.  And it takes that good thing, and it turns it into honey, and it shares that with the world.  And, of course, honey is good for all sorts of things.  Tea and Greek yogurt, and other stuff…?  But the idea is we can Be the Bee in our lives, everyday.  With everything we do, everything we say, and even everything we think.  We can make an effort to find the good things, the beautiful things, that God has put in everyone, and everything.  So let’s be the bee. Be the bee and live Orthodoxy. Remember to click like and subscribe. I’ll see you all next week.

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