#100 What Comes Next

As great as it is to talk about God, and learn about Him, the next step is to put it all into practice.

#99 Hold On to Hope

Even though things are going well, it can suddenly feel like your spiritual life is crashing to the ground.

#98 Why Do We Die?

With a little help from St. Paul the Apostle and Fr. John Behr, we'll take a closer look at our relationship with God and explore how we perfect our union with Christ.

#97 Love and Happiness

Christ chose the Cross. What do you choose?

#96 The Key to Prayer

The key is something simple, and something very easy to overlook: silence.

#95 Why Prayer Matters

Without the Liturgy, prayer is just talking to ourselves. And without prayer, Liturgy is just empty ritual.

#94 Why Church Matters

So let's look at them with the eyes of a bee and see why the Church services are so amazing, uplifting, and transformative.

#93 How to Prepare for Pascha

These weeks help us understand how we should prepare for Pascha

#92 Be Not Afraid

Hell isn't invading the Church; instead, the Church is invading Hell.

#91 Who Do You Say That I Am? (featuring Christian Gonzalez)

It's an invitation to do more than answer a question: He's asking us to share our relationship with Him.

#90 How Christ Unites Us

True unity only comes in Christ, who overcomes everything that divides us and brings all creation to God.

#89 The Freedom of Forgiveness

St Dionysios of Zakynthos is a powerful example of forgiveness.

#88 Project for Awesome 2015 - IOCC

Love isn't simply something to talk about, it's something to live.

#86 Love Your Enemies

It's not easy to love your enemies, especially when they do something terrible.

#85 #BeTheSower

We're called to make our hearts good soil, ready to receive God's Word.

#84 A Good Thought

God doesn't knock us over the head: He speaks to us in whispers, the good thoughts that remind us to love God and neighbor.

#83 Made for Goodness

The challenge of the spiritual life is to break free of the passions that pull us into sin, and instead choose God and good things.

#82 Does the Liturgy Need You?

And one little word invites us to actively participate in that work: amen.

#81 Pray Simply, Pray Always

Do you want to pray more, but aren't sure where to start?

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