#69 From "Me" to "We"


Liturgy is the work of the people: our work.  It brings us from a bunch of "me's" to a single "we" in Christ.  Every episode is a great reminder of this, since Be the Bee comes from the love and work of so many people, including you!


As you watch the episode, consider:

1. How are bees in their hives a good example for us to follow in our communities?

2. How is God Himself the perfect example of community and teamwork?

3. We are part of one big community and WE is better than ME. How do we express this best? In what context are we united most?

Check out these model lesson plans / retreat sessions for JOY and GOYA!


And here are some articles you may find to be helpful:

1. Bible Gateway, Galatians 3:28

2. Bible Gateway, Romans 12:5




Hey everybody this is Steve, and there's no me in bee. One of the cool things about bees is that they live in hives; complex groups that succeed because everyone contributes. This selfless teamwork is what causes a hive to survive and thrive, and it's what allows us to realize our full potential in the Church. There are no spectators in the Church. There's no room for people to get pushed to the side where they're supposed to just sit and passively watch. The very center and source of our lives is the Divine Liturgy where we come together to be who we truly are, the body of Christ.

Liturgy means work of the people, not work of the priests, not work of the chanters, not work for the parish council, not work for the altar boys. The liturgy is our work, everybody's work. It's what turns a bunch of ME's into a single WE. And there's no better example of teamwork and community than God Himself. God isn't a single, impersonal, distant, immovable ruler but rather as we talked about before God is one and three. Three divine persons in one divine nature united with one divine will to accomplish one divine purpose: the salvation of the world. And god invites each of us into that purpose. We all have a part to play in the unfolding story of salvation.

And for me at least Be the Bee is a great reminder of that. I mean Be the Bee is way more than just a project that only I work on. We wouldn't even be making it without my friend and former boss Father Jason Roll, who's been teaching people how to be the bee for years. Then there's my brilliant wife who edits every episode and helps me to say what I think I'm saying, not to mention all my friends who help me refine scripts and work through complex ideas, and my coworker Alexis who shares every episode we make with emails and social media posts, and our intern Michael who puts every episode we make on the Be the Bee website, along with study questions and helpful links.

Then there are the metropolis youth directors who use Be the Bee for retreats. And the parish youth and young adult workers, and the Sunday school teachers, and the camp directors and the counselors, all those who use Be the Bee in their work both in the US and around the world. As well as all of you who watch every week and share episodes with your family and friends, which is helping to strengthen so many people in the faith and even introduce new people to Orthodoxy.

Though we're all different and come from different places we all come together for this simple little YouTube project, which does the big work of sharing the gospel. That's why it's really important that the logo of Be the Bee isn't anyone's face, it's a bee. Because we're all bees working to gather the divine nectar and share that divine honey, God's love, with the world. And I for one thank God for the chance to work with each and every one of you every week. I'm blessed to be a small part of this big collection of people from all over.

And I wonder, what do you think we should call ourselves? #BeeHive, #BeeTeam, something else? Comment below, let us know. And thanks for everything you do to actively live the faith and share the faith with the world. Thanks for watching everybody and if you haven't yet make sure to click below to like this episode and subscribe to our channel. In case you missed it, click on the right side of the screen to watch last week's episode or you can click on Buzzy the Bee to watch the intro episode explaining what exactly Be the Bee is all about. Or you can click on my face to watch a little series were working on introducing Orthodox Christianity. And you can click above to go to our website where you can find every episode along with Be the Bee T-shirts, mugs, and more. Be the bee, live Orthodoxy and I'll see you all next week.

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